Metro DC Close Price to List Price Ratio: 2011 07

Sellers in the District and NVAR Accepting Better Offers This Year

The graph below compares the 2010 average close price to original list price ratio in the metro DC region and its component jurisdictions to the 2011 year-do-date average through July.

This indicator reflects the willingness of sellers to accept low offers (if the ratio is below 95 percent) and/or the seller’s ability to accurately price their homes to match current market conditions (if the ratio exceeds 95 percent). Note that this analysis uses the original list price rather than the current list price at sale.

Sellers in the District of Columbia and the NVAR area (Arlington and Fairfax counties, Alexandria, Falls Church and Fairfax cities) have seen improvement in their average close price to original list price ratios this year compared to last.  Other areas in the region have declining averages this year.

PWAR (Prince William County and the cities of Manassas and Manassas Park) has the highest average 2011 ratio and is the only area that is above 95.9 percent.  On the other hand, Prince George’s County has not only seen the largest decrease since 2010 but it is also the only area with an average below 90 percent.

The ratio for  the entire region has declined only slightly with considerable help from the improvement in NVAR, which historically has the highest sales volume in the region.  The significant decline in Prince George’s County this year, which ranks third in 2011 sales volume behind second place Montgomery County, led the others in pulling the metro DC average down from 94.5 percent last year to 94.2 percent this year.


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